Lost Mine of Phandelver

Goblin Ambush
Wrenn and Shava

The Sessions started off with Wrenn (StumbleDuck) Timbers (Gnome Sorcerer) and Shava Siannadel (Merfolk Druid) and Shava's pet, Gragonith (Pseudodragon) [will be referred to as the Party from this point forward] starting out in a Tavern in the town known as Neverwinter. There, the Party met a Dwarf by the name of Gundren Rockseeker. He notices that the Party are Adventures and are looking at the Request Board. He walks over, asks them to have a seat with them as he has a proposition for them.

Upon getting seated and acquainted, he divulges that he is looking for Adventures to haul a Wagon full of Provisions to Phandalin for him, a couples of days' travel Southeast of Neverwinter.

He doesn't give much more reason behind why other than he needs the Provisions there, he needs to go on ahead to take care of some business, and that he and his brother's found "something big". A tall, slender Human sits next to Gundren, and while the Party looked on him with an odd glance, Gundren expressed that the Human was his Warrior Escort, Sildar Hallwinter to put the Party at ease.

Sildar didn't say anything aloud to the Party, but would occasionally whisper in Gundren's ears.

After a bit of describing where to go, Gundren describes that he will pay the Party Ten Gold Pieces each for escorting the Wagon. After some discussion, the Party agreed to the offer and set out with the Wagon being driven by two Oxen. Wrenn took the reins of the Wagon while Shava sat next to him. While leaving Neverwinter, Gundren and Sildar passed the Party on horseback.

After a few days of following the High Road south from Neverwinter, the Party veer East along the Triboar Trail.

While on the Triboar Trail, the Party begin to notice trees fallen over a half day's journey down the Trail, and go around a Bend to avoid it. However, by doing so, they spot Two Dead Horses sprawled out about fifty feet ahead of them, effectively blocking the path. Each Horse has several <u>Black-Feathered Arrows</u> sticking out of it. The woods press close to the trail here, with a steep embankment and dense bushes on either side.

Wrenn; using the reins, forces the Oxen to move near the Dead Horses, but stops them slightly off the road. The Party hope off the Wagon and get closer to the Dead Horses to Investigate. Upon rolling a Seventeen (17) D20 for an Investigation Check, DC of Ten (10), the Party found out that the Dead Horses belonged to Sildar and Gundren, that the Horses have been dead for a day, and that the Arrows were the cause of death. And upon further Investigation, the Party found that there were <u>Two Saddlebags</u>, <u>Five Black-Feathered Arrows </u>in each Horse, and an <u>Empty Map Case</u>.

After Wrenn took possession of the <u>Empty Map Case</u>, the Party were Ambushed by Four (4) Goblins that were laying in wait for anyone to come close to the Dead Horses. Two Archer Goblins jumped out from some bushes Thirty (30) Feet away from the Party while Two Attacker Goblins rushed to the Party.

After a couple of turns pass, the Party was forced to wipe due to an excessive amount of hits from the Goblins and not a sufficient amount of hits from the Party.

Upon restarting the Party and the Goblins rolled for Initiative using a D20. The Goblins, obtained a Four (4) and also had surprise. So, they were given two turns. Wrenn got an Initiative of Seventeen (17), Shava obtained an Initiative of Twelve (12), and Shava's pet, Gragonith [will be referred to as just Gragonith from this point forward] rolled an Initiative of Three (3). Also, starting from this point, the Goblin's  AC (Armor Class) was lowered to Ten (10) and had their weapon proficiencies removed from their attacks by Wrenn's God: Brandonius the Wise. Who was dubbed a God after murdering a thousand (1000) men single handedly, with only magic and the knowledge he had cultivated, as his weapon.

Once all creatures had their Initiative, the Goblin's took their Ambush Turn. The Two Attacker Goblins used Dash to be right in front of Shava and Wrenn. The Two Archer Goblins stayed back Thirty (30) feet where the bushes were and shot two arrows.

Goblin C (Archer) shot at at Shava and rolling a d20, obtained a Six (6 [2+4 to Hit]). The arrow barely left their bow before falling to the ground. Upon failing, Goblin C stomped on the ground in frustration.

Goblin D (Archer) laughed at his compatriot before pulling back on his bow and aiming at Wrenn. It obtained an Eighteen (18 [14+4 to Hit]) using a D20. It launched the arrow hard, which impaled itself into Wrenn's shoulder, resulting in Wrenn taking Three (3) damage from a D6 roll, to his Eight (8) HP (Hit Points), leaving him with Five (5) HP.

With Wrenn claiming turn trump, he lifted his hands and casts Magic Missile by saying the Spell's name, after performing a gesture, while aiming at Goblin B (Attacker). Wrenn rolls a Twenty (20 [16+4 to hit]) using a D20 and lands his hits as Magic Missile splits into three separate bolts, dealing Three (3) damage each using a D4, doing Eleven (11 [9+2 to Damage]) damage in total to Goblin B HP of Seven (7), effectively turning it to ash with the Scimitar stabbed into the ground next to the pile of ash.

Afterwards, Shava took her turn and with her turn, grabbed her Quarterstaff and cast Shillelagh on it by speaking it's name and gesturing over her hand over her staff, and used it to smack Goblin A (Attacker) who was in front of her. Rolling a Ten (10 [5+5 to hit]) using a D20, Shava's Quarterstaff hits Goblin A in it's side before it has enough time to realize what is going on. This attack deals Five (5 [2+3 to Damage]) damage to Goblin A's HP of Seven (7) using a D8, taking it down to Two (2) HP.

Following her turn, the remaining Goblins took their turns. Goblin A began it's turn by attempting to slicing Shava with it's Scimitar. Using a D20, it rolled a Seventeen (17 [13+4 to hit]) slicing through Shava's AC of Eleven (11) and it dealt Two (2) damage to her Nine (9) HP using a D6, leaving her with Seven (7) left.

Goblin C took aims at Wrenn with it's bow and rolled a Thirteen (13 [9+4 to hit]) using a D20. Goblin C shot the arrow from it's bow, only to have it land a few feet from itself. It instantly fell to it's knees in frustration for missing again and pounded the ground with it's fists.

Goblin D again, laughed at it's compatriots failure, before pulling back on it's bow and aiming down sights at Wrenn, rolling a D20, it rolled Seventeen (17 [13+4 to hit]), the attack landed by whizzing through the air and landing right into Wrenn's foot. This dealt Two (2) Damage using a D6 to Wrenn's Five (5) HP, dropping him down to Three (3). After Wrenn let out a monotone "Ow" and practically fell over, Shava commented, "Now you really will be StumbleDuck." with a slight laughter at the end of her comment.

This concluded the Goblins turn, which finally meant that it was Gragonith's turn. To which, she attempted to use Bite on Goblin A. She rolled a Twenty-Two (22 [18+4 to hit]) rolling a D20, effectively chomping down on Goblin A's shoulder for Four (4 [2+2 Damage]) damage rolling a D4, thus killing Goblin A.

With Gragonith's turn finished, Wrenn took his turn. He walked over to Goblin D, then drew both of his Daggers, and attempted to slice Goblin D. After rolling a Fourteen (14 [10+4 to hit]) using a D20, Wrenn was able to successfully perform a Multiattack Slice on Goblin D and was able to do Nine (9 [4+2 to Damage, 3] Damage to Goblin D's Seven (7) Hp, effectively slicing him to death.

After Goblin D's death, Shava took her turn. Goblin C immediately attempted to flee, however, Shava started off by running over to Goblin C and continue her Shillelagh attack, but this time to attempt a knock out. Rolling a D20, she obtained a Twenty-One (21 [16+5 to hit]), thus allowing her hit to connect with Goblin C's head. She rolled a Nine (9 [6+3 to damage]) and immediately knocked it out due to it's Seven (7) HP. Effectively ending the Encounter.

Post-Ambush Encounter, Wrenn used some of his Hempen Rope to bind up Goblin C and pulled out the arrows that had impaled in him during the Encounter. Afterwards, the Party took a Short Rest to replenish HP for future events. Wrenn began his Short Rest by gathering the <u>Two (2) Scimitars</u>, <u>the Shortbow</u> and <u>Twenty (20) Arrows</u> from the Goblin corpses. He gave Shava <u>the Shortbow</u> and <u>Twenty (20) Arrows </u>and held onto the <u>Two (2) Scimitars</u>.


Afterwards the Party woke up the Goblin. Once awake, Wrenn attempted to Persuade the Goblin for Information by offering Rations and Water in return for Information, and rolled a Ten (10 [6+4 to roll]) using a D20. Resulting in the Goblin becoming compliant with Wrenn's demands for Information. However, before Wrenn could ascertain any information Shava kneeled down and attempted to persuade the Goblin to join the Party. Her attempt was her comforting the Goblin of his comrades' death, as well as well as his loneliness. Upon rolling a Seventeen (17 [13+4 to roll]), the Goblin's (due to it's alignment of Neutral Evil) decided to join the Party. Upon joining, and swearing it's life to Wrenn, Wrenn named it, Tweedle Dee.

Once Tweedle Dee had fully decided on joining, Wrenn untied it and asked it's gender, to which it replied by saying, "I am a [Insert Gender Here]"

The Adventurer's Log
Summaries of Encounters

This is the Summary for all of the Players' Adventures.

A list of the Players thus far:
-Nameless Soldier


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